NSS Electives

This page contains samples of differentiated materials designed by in-service teachers for the NSS Electives including language arts modules and non-language arts modules.

Language Arts:


S1 – Short Stories (The Giving Tree)
by Pritchard V


S3 – Short Stories (Number the Stars)
by Lai L Y & Chui K Y

S3 – Short Stories (The Four Wives)
by Lam M T & Wong S Y M

S3 – Teenage Problems (Songs, Poems and Films on Friendship)
by Chan W S


S4 – Popular Culture (Writing a letter of advice)
by Ian S M, Chan K F & Tse S Y B

S4 – Popular Culture (Teenage Love)
by Chan C K

S4 – Songs (Tears in Heaven, Norwegian Wood, What a wonderful World & Ironic)
by Tsang C Y M, Chiu H C, Lai K K & Lee C H

S4 – Short Stories (Billy Elliot)
by Chong S W & Kwan Y T

S4 – Short Story (The Costume Party)_
by Chan S P, Lee Y C & Lai P H


Non-language Arts:


S3 – Workplace Communications | Job – Making a living
by Kwok S Y
(Please note that this file is 33MB in size)


S4 – Learning English through Workplace Communications | Job Interviews
by Chan O S C & Chan M Y S