Learner Diversity

This page contains some highly recommended articles about the concepts of learner diversity, learning styles, learning strategies and learning motivation.

Designing Lessons for Diverse Learners

by Olinghouse, N.

Drama – Engaging All Learning Styles

by Ashton-Hay, S.

Integrating Learning Styles and Skills in ESL Classroom

by Hainer, E.V.; Fagan, B.; Bratt, T.; Baker, L. & Arnold, N.

Learning Language and Learning Style – Principles, Process and Practices

by Banner, G. & Rayner S.

Learning Styles – An Approach to Individual Differences

by Mariani, L.

Meeting the Needs of Diverse Learners

by Northwest Regional Educational Laboratory

Attending to Learner Diversity

by Rifin, B.

Student's Diverse Learning Styles in Learning English as a Second Language

by Razawi, N.A.; Muslim, M.; Razali, S. M. C.; Husin, N. & Samad, N. Z. A.

Understanding Student Differences

by Felder, R. M. & Brent, R.

Learning Styles Across Cultures

by Mariani, L.

Learning Styles and Pedagogy in Post-16 Learning: A Systematic and Critical Review

by Coffield, F., Moseley, D., Hall, E., & Ecclestone, K.

Learning Styles: Learning that Empowers Students?

by Rahal, T.

Focus on the Language Learner: Motivation, Styles, and Strategies

by Cohen, A. D., & Dornyei, Z.