NSS Core Curriculum

This page contains samples of differentiated materials designed by in-service teachers for the new secondary core curriculum.


S1- Describing Holiday Activities
by Kwok C, Mak S & Yip A

S1 – My School
by Cheng H F, Chan K H & Chong T H

S1 – Occupations (The best job in the world)
by Lau A

S1 – Travelling
by Chiu L N S, Fan H C J, Kwok K T A, & Kwok T F B

S1 – Writing a Recipe
by Ge W & Wong K H


S2 – Choices
by Chan M K L

S2 – Family Relationship (Me and my family)
by Chiu Y Y A

S2 – Shop Till You Drop
by Chung C Y & Wong C Y

S2 – Shopping
by Cheng S Y, Cheng W Y, Ma S Y & Shek H S


S3 – Information Technology
by Lai Y W, Team M Y & Kwan C W

S3 – Making a Living
by Hung F A

S3 – Making a Living
by Kwang M F M, Wong C W K & Tang S L

S3 – People's Character and Appearance
by Wong T K L

S3 – Teenage Problems
by Kwok K W


S4 – Teenage Problems (Sex Education)
by Low W M W

S4 – Youth Issue (Night Drifting)
by Lau W M, Yip W C, & Ho W S

S4 – Youth Issues (Night Drifting + Sex Education)
by Ng H Y & Lee H Y


S5 – Fashion
by Chin W Y